Luxury vinyl tile and plank are excellent choices for every room, with benefits like beauty, durability, and a useful lifespan. When you choose these materials, you’ll find out how well they can serve your specific requirements.

Many homeowners prefer their luxury vinyl flooring's elegant, high-end stone look. However, you may want to choose from three stone looks for your upcoming remodel.

1. Marble looks are trending

Marble is one of the most popular stone looks in the flooring industry, offering soft veining and stunning colors that work well with any décor scheme. However, this stone-look luxury vinyl plank is often reserved for elaborate spaces and high-end rooms where luxury is the common thread.

2. Terrazzo is a fantastic stone look

Terrazzo has a new line of visuals, including monochrome black, white, and gray, for timeless neutral beauty. Whether you choose traditional or contemporary looks depends on the style you want and need for your remodel.

3. Quartz brings a gorgeous variety

Quartz offers a fantastic combination of current and timeless visuals that are sophisticated enough for any space. In addition, the colors and patterns you find in luxury vinyl plank and tile are easy to pair with any décor scheme you have in place.

No matter which look you need, you'll find options in this flooring line to meet them all. So, share your vision, and we'll take care of the rest.

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