Luxury vinyl plank and tile are outstanding flooring choices for every room in your home. But can you choose a herringbone installation with luxury vinyl flooring?

The good news is that you can, and you'll find the results stunning and trendy. Here are some facts about this stylish choice and what it can do for your household.

What is herringbone installation?

Herringbone flooring installation is named as such because it resembles the bones of a herring. The boards are all laid at a 45-degree angle to achieve this look.

Luxury vinyl tile
and plank are excellent choices that add interest and a unique visual wherever it's installed. It's one of the most popular wood floor installations and looks fantastic with luxury vinyl products.

Benefits of the herringbone installation

Once this installation is complete, your floors have instant depth and character. But it can also make the room look bigger, especially in smaller or narrow spaces.

An illusion of movement gives the entire room a dramatic personality. When paired with a high-variation color scheme, it changes the room's layout even more for the best luxury vinyl plank.

A great look, and all the luxury vinyl flooring benefits

Adding the herringbone look is another way to enjoy these unique floor coverings. But, of course, you'll still get all the other benefits of the flooring line.

You’ll see fewer signs of wear and enjoy complete waterproof protection too. Take time to find out other ways this product line can serve you.

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