You probably started learning about hardwood flooring maintenance requirements before shopping for the materials. However, if you didn't, you won't need to worry because we have all the information you need, and we’ll share some of it with you here today.

Hardwood refinishing is a part of the maintenance process

Regular cleaning and professional cleaning services are standard maintenance requirements for hardwood flooring, ensuring these products meet their intended lifespan with ease. However, other forms of maintenance are sometimes required, including hardwood refinishing.

Refinishing is a service that removes damaged wood layers, allowing you to create a brand new surface with stain color, finish texture, and more. Wood floors can be refinished several times before replacement is necessary, with most solid wood floors lasting more than 100 years or more.

Dust free hardwood refinishing is also available, which means the dust that is created during the sanding portion of your refinishing service is caught and trapped instead of floating throughout your home. That means you won't have to tape off-air returns, vents, or door edges, because there’s no danger of dust particles moving around your home from the original worksite.

Hardwood flooring is easier to maintain than you might think

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