One of the best things about hardwood flooring is the refinishing process that removes all scratches. It also eliminates scuffs, water spots, wear, and more.

Signs of wear eventually start to show, and that's a good sign that hardwood refinishing is necessary. And the more you know about the benefits, the more sense it makes.

Hardwood refinishing is a necessary service

If you have wood floors, you will need refinishing services. Even with the best protection and species, your floors will take on wear and abuse over time.

Once it starts to show, hardwood floor refinishing can erase them and allow you to create a brand new look. You can choose a new stain color and finish type if you like.

How is hardwood refinishing done?

The first step in hardwood floor refinishing is sanding off the worn or damaged layers. We will sand until we reach a fresh layer of wood.

From there, we can begin to apply stain color, finish, and sealant, for an outstanding result. Be sure to consider all the options that could work for you and your household.

How long does a professional refinishing last?

A professional hardwood refinishing service can last more than 10 years or more. Regular care and cleaning can help the floors look great during that time.

If you want to protect the surface even further, be sure to use area rugs or runners. Feel free to ask if you have questions or concerns about your refinishing service.

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