Hardwood flooring offers many outstanding benefits, from stunning visuals to an impressive lifespan. And one of the services that keep these floors going is the hardwood floor refinishing service.

Every wood floor, at some time or another, needs refinishing to remove years of wear and damage. And here are some facts to help you know more about the process for when you need it.

What is the hardwood refinishing service?

Wood floor refinishing is a service that sands away wear and damage that can cause the surface to look bad. You might see it as water spots, discoloration, or harm to your hardwood flooring, depending on the type of wear it's undergone.

Refinishing can last for decades, serving you just as well as the original finish did. In addition, you'll have plenty of options for creating the perfect look for floors that match any décor scheme.

How does hardwood floor refinishing work?

The first step is to sand the floors until all the wear and damage have been stripped away. Sanding reveals a fresh layer to which you can add new stain, texture, and sealant.

Rebuilding the finish of your wood floors means you can keep the same color or change it during wood floor refinishing.
Unfortunately, many homeowners change a few things, like stain color and texture, making them look like brand-new flooring installations.

If you're ready to consider your refinishing needs, stop by and speak with a flooring specialist at your convenience. We're here to help.

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